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MHANYS CarePath™ program supports individuals 12 and over who are experiencing a setback managing their mental health. The CarePath™ program provides a certified Coach who assists the individual in their recovery. The Coach also assists their chosen supporters in this recovery process, be they family members or friends. However, the individual may also choose to just use the support of the Coach. The program support is available for up to 90 days.

MHANYS CarePath™ program is a non-clinical program aimed at introducing practices that encourage an awareness of all the dimensions of health and wellness.  In designing a CarePath participants develop a wellness mindset.

Whether individuals in recovery are participating in the program with family members, friends or only the CarePath™ Coach, the goal is they all participate together. MHANYS CarePath™ strengthens intergenerational family mental health as each participant connects to their own mind-body health.

A MHANYS CarePath™ Coach:

  • provides individuals and their chosen supporters with 5 in-person or 10 online sessions or a combination of both within 90 days
  • introduces practices that build awareness of all the dimensions of their health and wellness
  • introduces wellness tool for each stage on the continuum of wellness
  • helps participants move away from an illness perspective to a wellness mindset
  • supports participants in their design of a CarePath™

Who Can Apply to be a Coach?

MHANYS CarePath™ is appropriate for professionals and para-professionals and upon certification 20 credentialing renewable credit hours are available for CASAC Counselors, Peer Support Specialists, Family Peer Advocates and Youth Peer Advocates.

MHANYS CarePath™ supports students.

Within every school, there is someone well-suited to be a MHANYS CarePath™ Coach – ready to support a student and their family when experiencing a mental health setback.

Training Requirements

21 hours of in-person training or 15 hours of online training both options include a three-year certification.


In-person classroom instruction;

  • $2,000 per-person for in-person class instruction (6 or more group rate is $1,500 per-person)
  • Maximum attendees per class is 24 and lunch is included in the cost

Online class instruction;

  • $1,500 per-person
  • Maximum attendees per class is 20

Payment must accompany registration by credit card. We recommend applying 3 to 4 weeks prior to your preferred course training date.

Certification Benefits
  • MHANYS CarePath™ Coaching Manual and access to all program materials
  • 20 renewal clock hours for CASAC Counselors, Peer Support Specialists, Youth Peer Advocates and Family Peer Advocates
  • Friday Forums for technical assistance in program implementation
  • Learning Collective Summit gathering all CarePath™ Coaches and MHANYS Mental Health Community Partners for networking and community mental health partnerships
  • Quarterly MHANYS CarePath™ Newsletters
  • Attendance at MHANYS annual conference/ workshops for MHANYS CarePath™ Coaches

Upcoming Trainings

Trainings listed are Monday-Friday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

  • May 15 – 19 , 2023
  • July 10 – 14, 2023
  • August 21 – 25, 2023

Podcast: Mental Health & the Family

Deborah Faust, Director of Family Engagement & Support at MHANYS, shares a story about mental health and why it is important to discuss in the family.

Testimonials from participants attending MHANYS CarePath™ Coach certification training.

A registered school nurse from Western New York stated, “MHANYS CarePath™ training built a new awareness of how to support my own health and wellbeing.” 

Charles, a Peer Support Specialist from New York City commented; “MHANYS CarePath™ has changed the way I think about self-care. I now understand how the practice of self-compassion provides self-care”

A Coach from Brooklyn shared, “I really enjoyed the training. Both facilitators were knowledgeable and presented the information in easy-to-understand ways to conceptualize what it means to be a CarePath Coach. I definitely recommend this training to people who want to be a supportive Coach to someone in their life or community.”

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