Mental Health Matters Day

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10 AM-12 PM Presentation for our MHA Affiliates Across NYS
Staff from all NYS MHA Affiliates are invited to join us for this kick-off event to acknowledge the perseverance and adaptability shown during last year by our MHA Everyday Heroes. Tools will be shared on how to showcase the incredible work that is being done across the MHA Network. (Open to = MHA Affiliate Staff Only) 

1 PM-3 PM MHA Affiliate Team Presentations
A showcase of Workforce Development & Outreach Programs & Community Mental Health Promotion projects as well as an opportunity to network with MHA teams.  (MHA Affiliate WDOP and CMHP Teams)


10 AM-12 PM Raise Your Voice: Empowering Youth
Find inspiration in hearing youth share their empowering stories and learn about youth-run peer organizations to promote change and raise awareness about mental health. MHANYS School Team leads the discussion.

1 PM-2 PM How-to Workshop: Advocacy – How to Do It?
What is like to be an advocate? How can we raise our voices for others to hear? Attend this live 1-hour presentation to find out. Program will feature a mock meeting with a legislator. Q&A to follow.
Didn’t get the chance to watch this event? The recording is available HERE.


10 AM-12 PM MHANYS Legislative Policy Briefing
Join MHANYS CEO and Public Policy Director as they provide an overview of key mental health legislative initiatives for 2021.  A broad-base of mental health policy issues will be discussed with an emphasis on preparing advocates to make informed arguments with state legislators.  The focus from 10 am to 11 am will be on issues particularly important to MHANYS affiliates and other mental health advocates, such as funding in the state budget for providers, supportive housing and community investment. From 11 am to 12 pm the policy focus will shift to mental health and education.  Needed funding for MHANYS School Mental Health Resource and Training Center will be addressed along with mental health training for school personnel, suicide prevention, mental health absence days and more.  Relevant state agency officials, legislators and advocates will be participating in this 2-hour policy briefing.  Please join us and get equipped to make the critical arguments you’ll need as a mental health advocate.

12 PM-1 PM Virtual Mental Health Matters Rally
After the Policy Briefing, MHANYS will guide you through a virtual Mental Health Matters rally.  Unify your voice with other advocates to draw legislative attention to the important mental health issues of the day.  Share why mental health matters to you and “march” with us virtually around the State Capital.
If you want to participate in this event, use our Mental Health Matters Poster and write a message on it answering why mental health matters to you!


10 AM-12 PM Advocacy Spotlight: Trauma-Informed Care
Raise your voice and join the campaign to bring the message of trauma-informed care across the state. Become informed about the effects of trauma and traumatic stress on the mental and physical health of all New Yorkers. 

1 PM-2 PM How to Workshop: Legislative Messaging Campaign
Legislative Messaging Campaign: Join us this afternoon for a presentation on how to engage your elected representatives through social media and letter writing. Q&A to follow.
Didn’t get the chance to watch this event? The recording is available HERE.


10 AM-12 PM  Advocacy Spotlight: Mental Health in the Workplace
Join this armchair discussion about MHANYS’ Mental Health in the Workplace briefing and how it can be used in the workplace. Take part in an interactive panel discussion with ‘people professionals’ representing various positions and industries as they discuss the importance of mental health in the workplace.

1 PM-2 PM How-to Workshop: Petition Campaign
Join us this afternoon for a presentation on MHANYS’ Petition Campaign. Learn how to access petitions, share and raise your voice to effect change. Q&A to follow.
Didn’t get the chance to watch this event? The recording is available HERE.

2020 issues – MHANYS Mental Health Matters Day

Due to Covid-19 Mental Health Matters day 2020 was cancelled. The following materials were a part of Mental Health Matters Day:


You can find the Legislative Gazette article to accompany this video here.




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