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Welcome to MHANYS Legislative Action Community, a place where ordinary people are empowered to actively engage with New York State policymakers to improve access to mental health services and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.  Whether you are new to advocacy or a seasoned advocate, the Action Community includes the resources necessary for you to meaningfully participate in the process of influencing needed changes to the mental health system.  

Explore the site.  We hope you will join us in our mission to end the stigma against mental illness and promote mental health wellness in New York State. 

Becoming an advocate can seem intimidating at first, but MHANYS Legislative Action Community can help to take the mystery out of advocacy and provides practical steps for getting started.  The main prerequisite is simply a desire to make a difference by helping to influence change.

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MHANYS in Action Policy Documents

Policy Year: 2022

Memorandums of Support

Mental Health Parity Memo in Support – S3995-A5238

9-8-8 Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Hotline System Memo in Support – S.6194-B-A.7177-B

Amend the Labor Law in Relation to Workplace Mental Health Memo in Support – S.7577-A.8675

Opioid Settlement Fund Memo in Support – S.7194-A.6395-B

The Definition of the Practice of Pharmacy Memo in Support – A.3040

Masters-in-Mental Health Incentive Scholarship Program Memo in Support  – S.7553

All Products Clauses Memo in Support – A.252
AN ACT to amend the social services law, the public health law and the insurance law, in relation to prohibiting a provider of health care coverage from requiring providers of behavioral health services to offer all products offered by the provider of health care coverage.

Continuity in Coverage for Prescription Drugs Memo in Support – S.2849 /A.2969

Mental Health Teacher Training Memo in Support – A.2136

Student Suicide Prevention Act Memo in Support – S.82/A.4763

School Mental Health Absences Memo in Support – S.563/A.1869

Amend the Insurance Law: Step Therapy Memo in Support – S.5909/A.3276

Health Plan Coverage Memo in Support – S.4111/A.4688

Legislation to Improve Maternal Mental Health Memo in Support – S.7752 (Brouk) S.7753 (Brouk) S.7865 (Brouk)/A.5076-A (Solages)

Treatment Not Jail Memo in Support – Act S.2881B Ramos/A8524 Forrest

Regarding Postpartum Depression Screening Tests Memo in Support – S.7753 (Brouk)/A.9102 (Gonzalez-Rojas)

Regarding Maternal Depression Screenings Memo in Support – S.7865 (Brouk)/A.5076-A (Solages)

Regarding Maternal Mental Health and Perinatal and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders Memo in Support – S.7752 (Brouk)/A.9085 (Clark)

Enhancing Workplace Mental Health
Learn how MHANYS is influencing public policy to bring mental health awareness and resources to New York’s places of employment.​

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Celebrating MHANYS Advocacy Victories

Trauma Informed Advisory Council
Passed in 2020. This law creates a council with statewide stakeholders focused on creating trauma policy recommendations for state.
Mental Health Tax Checkoff
Passed in 2015. This law adds a Mental Health Awareness Campaign option to State income tax forms. Proceeds fund anti-stigma projects across NYS.
NYS License Plate
Passed in 2017. This law created a specialized license plate to fund anti-stigma projects across NYS.
Mental Health Education in Schools
Passed in 2016. This law requires schools to teach about mental health in health education class.
Tools to Get Active
  • Send a letter to a legislator or the Governor.  (coming soon)
  • Sign a petition (coming soon)

Memorandum of Support

Healthy Workplaces Memo in Support– S.2261 /A.7366
AN ACT to amend the labor law, in relation to establishing healthy work-places.

Licensed Professionals for Camps Memo in Support  – S.3834 /A.3074
AN ACT to amend the public health law, in relation to the provision of certain professional services to children’s camps and camps for children with developmental disabilities.

Mental Health Training for School Personnel Memo in Support– S.7612 /A.9806
AN ACT to amend the education law, in relation to requiring certain persons receive mental health training each year.

Parity Report Act Memo in Support – S.1156-C /A.3694-C
AN ACT to amend the insurance law, in relation to establishing the mental health and substance use disorder parity report act.

Prescription Synchronization Memo in Support– S.4078 /A.3009
AN ACT to amend the insurance law, in relation to synchronization of multiple prescriptions.

School Mental Health Resource and Training Center Memo in Support 

Segregated Confinement (HALT) Memo in Support– S.1623 /A.2500
AN ACT to amend the correction law, in relation to restricting the use of segregated confinement and creating alternative therapeutic and rehabilitative confinement options.

Trauma Advisory Council Memo in Support – A.10629
AN ACT to amend the mental hygiene law, in relation to establishing the frontline workers trauma informed care advisory council.

Medicare Part B “Crossover” Payments Memo in Opposition – Provisions of S.1507/A.2007


MHANYS was honored to receive the

Excellence in Advocacy Organizational Achievement Award

from the National Council for Behavioral Health



Congratulations to Glenn Liebman for being named to The Health Care Power 50 by City and State magazine. We also like to congratulate John Coppola and all others recognized! Read more . . . 

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