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Getting Help

If you recognize something is not right for you or someone you know, or changes have happened, it may be time to get help. The sooner mental health is addressed, the sooner recovery can begin.

Find appropriate care by connecting with:

  • Local community mental health clinics 
  • Primary care doctor
  • Health insurance provider 
  • Workplace employee assistance program
  • Loved ones who can help you navigate the system
  • Calling 988 if it is a crisis situation

Learn more about supporting mental health by:

988 LifeLine

988 is on social media too!

Calling 988 for a Crisis

If you need help or are helping someone else with a mental health crisis, connect with a crisis worker.

What if I can’t make the call?

Text 988, visit their website to chat, or find someone who can make the call. 

What if I am uncertain if it is a crisis?

Connect with 988. Trained professionals will help you work through the situation.

Can I learn more?

Yes. Visit the 988 website or take a Mental Health First Aid training with MHANYS.

For additional support, see the information below.

For more information or guidance regarding mental health, advocacy, or legal services, contact us:

MHANYS Mental Health Information Center
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Call: (518) 434-0439 or (800) 766-6177

Our staff operates the MHIC Information and Referral Line. We link callers to a broad range of local, statewide, and national mental health organizations and programs, and answer questions on mental health and justice related topics.