Stories for Change

MHANYS’ Stories for Change is a space where we share stories connected to mental health and wellness. Whether it is about a challenge that has impacted someone’s wellness, the experience of mental illness and recovery, or an initiative being taken in the community, our stories can change the way we approach and perceive mental health. 

From individuals to communities, we all can raise our voices and empower wellness.

Mental Health Awareness Month Supports Change

This past May, we came together as a community to show support for mental health. More than 1,400 people took our May Mental Health Pledge and more than 1,250 people attended at least one of our Free Community Webinar Series. The need for more services, making mental health a priority, and eliminating the stigma were some of the common reasons people took and shared the pledge. Here are some community answers!

Community Answers to the Pledge

A Story of Mental Health Leadership

MHANYS’ has helped to revolutionize mental health in communities throughout NYS. In this four-part podcast series, we sat down with leadership staff to get a deeper look into our work that has grown for more than fifty years.

Episode 1: Legislative Action, Mental Health & the Community

Glenn Liebman, MHANYS’ CEO, and John Richter, MHANYS’ Public Policy Director, share a story about mental health advocacy, describe MHANYS’ role as a leading organization, and offer insight into what you can do to take action.

Episode 2: The Growing Movement of Mental Health in Schools

Brandon Beachamp, MHANYS’ School Mental Health Resource and Training Center Director, shares a story about mental health and why student mental health is important to discuss.

Episode 3: Employing Mental Health in the Workplace

Joelle Monaco, Director of Outreach & Business Engagement at MHANYS, shares a story about mental health and why it is important to discuss in the workplace.

Episode 4: Mental Health & the Family

Deborah Faust, Director of Family Engagement & Support at MHANYS, shares a story about mental health and why it is important to discuss in the family.

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