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Mental Health Associations Across NYS

We are an affiliate of Mental Health America. Across New York State, we have 26 affiliates in 50 counties that offer a unique blend of services and programs focused on meeting the needs of their community.

Use this map to learn more about each affiliate or visit this directory!

Annual MHA Across NYS Conference

Conference 2023



Valerie Sterns, Executive Vice President of Affiliate Network, Mental Health America, gives a keynote presentation on innovative and game-changing MHA affiliates.

Mental Health
Community Partners


Deborah Faust & Michelle Garcia, Director and Assistant Director of MHCP, highlight how MHA affiliates and community partners can engage in their programming.

School Mental Health Resource and Training Center


Brandon Beachamp, Director of SMHRT, showcases an overview of tools and resources on the SMHRT website and how affiliates can utilize the SMHRT team.



Graham Healey, Community Program Manager, highlights upcoming programming and projects leading up to the 2024 presidential election.

Celebrating CMHP & WDOP Programming

Each year, participating MHAs from across New York State share accomplishments and highlights in video presentations. Watch previous years’ recordings below.



Group of people participating in a seminar

Community Mental Health Promotion

Community Mental Health Promotion (CMHP) serves as a grassroots advocacy incubator program for affiliates that create teams of diverse constituencies to help identify and promote mental health priorities in their communities.

Work Friends

Workforce Development & Outreach Program

Workforce Development & Outreach Program (WDOP) is a statewide initiative designed to improve individuals’ employment opportunities across New York. WDOP creates educational programming and opportunities for individuals with varied experiences and abilities in achieving and maintaining meaningful employment.

Additionally, WDOP works with organizations to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellness in the workplace to create an inclusive environment while achieving organizational success.