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You are a link to care. As a family member, friend, colleague, or person connected to another, you are part of a community where knowing about mental health resources and types of support is essential to the well-being of everyone, including you.

Ready to connect someone to care? With us, you can learn about:

  • Everyday mental health
  • How to connect someone to care
  • Finding help for yourself
  • What types of support are available in NYS

For more information or guidance regarding mental health, advocacy, or legal services, contact us:

MHANYS Mental Health Information Center
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Call: (518) 434-0439 or (800) 766-6177

Our staff operates the MHIC Information and Referral Line. We link callers to a broad range of local, statewide, and national mental health organizations and programs, and answer questions on mental health and justice related topics.