MHANYS CarePath™ Program assists individuals and their families or identified supporters in developing a comprehensive strategy called a CarePath™. This innovative program strengthens the overall health and well-being of individuals and their families’ transition from any type of treatment setting or families simply interested in achieving better overall health and a sense of well-being. The CarePath™ supports healthy reconnections amongst family, friends, and within the community, be it – job, school, or other associations.

This one-of-a-kind program was developed by MHANYS to supplement discharge planning and aftercare while educating families on whole family health and well-being. It guides and supports a group as they create a climate of well-being and connectedness in which the mental health of everyone is valued and supported. CarePath™ participants come to understand their health and well-being is not in isolation of each other.


Families are typically ‘First Responders’ for many individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders. Frustrated family members often call 911 because they do not have the skills to deescalate situations that lead to crisis and end up calling the police, going to the emergency room, and/or promoting repeat hospitalizations. Families need to be equipped with the tools and resources that acknowledge and maximize shared contributions in care planning and aftercare amongst the support network, and at the same time, teaches how to preserve and respect the integrity of each member’s own health.

What is a CarePath™? 

A CarePath™ acts as a blueprint for maintaining better overall health and a sense of well-being. CarePath™ participants develop realistic expectations about the process involved in achieving and maintaining health and wellness as each participant defines their own CarePath™. This shared experience allows family members and supporters to better support their loved one. Each are engaged in choices that direct and promote a sense of well-being for themselves making it easier to support each other.

Managing or recovering from any chronic mental and/or substance use disorders often goes beyond what traditional treatment and discharge planning can do. MHANYS CarePath™ Program assists individuals and their families or identified supporters in designing their own comprehensive path to better overall health and wellness. CarePath™ participants’ create a wellness mindset.



Deborah Faust
Director of Family Engagement & Support Services
Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS)
518-434-0439 x 221

Interested in becoming a CarePath™ Coach? 

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Upcoming CarePath™ Coach Trainings:
  • October 16-18, 2019
  • November 20-22, 2019
  • January 15-17, 2020



MHANYS Capital Region Training Center
194 Washington Avenue Suite, 415
Albany, NY 12210


For more information or questions:

Email info@mhanys.org or call (518) 434-0439

MHANYS is very pleased to be partnering with Herkimer Community College in the inclusion of MHANYS CarePath™ Curriculum for all students graduating with a degree in Human Services.