Free Training Opportunity!

Become a certified MHANYS CarePath™ Coach with this FREE certification training opportunity!

Thanks to the Brave of Heart Fund and Mental Health America, MHANYS is able to offer this opportunity to certify NYS MHANYS CarePath™ Coaches and support the mental wellbeing of NYS frontline healthcare workers and their families. Upon certification, we ask you offer this program to three frontline healthcare workers and their families.

Frontline workers include non-medical staff, home health aides, geriatric caregivers, hospice staff, behavioral health staff, residential staff, school nurses, school counselors, and others.

With your certification, you can provide coaching services to others in your community.

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What is MHANYS CarePath™?

MHANYS CarePath™ is a blueprint for achieving and maintaining better overall health and wellness. MHANYS CarePath™ is appropriate for anyone who experienced a mental health setback and is interested in learning more about achieving and maintaining mind-body health. Managing behavioral health conditions often goes beyond what traditional treatment and discharge planning can accommodate. MHANYS CarePath™ is designed to assist individuals over 12 years of age and their family members or other identified supporters for 90 days. MHANYS CarePath™ supports recovery and protects the integrity of health within a family. MHANYS CarePath™ encourages healthy connections amongst family, friends, and within the community – be it job, school, or other associations. Our health and wellbeing is never in
isolation of others.

What is the role of a MHANYS CarePath™ Coach?

A MHANYS CarePath™ Coach facilitates person-centered planning as each person defines their own health and wellness with an understanding that the process in recovery is understood as existing on the continuum of wellness. MHANYS CarePath™ participants learn together about the eight dimensions of health and the interconnectedness of all the dimensions of their health, MHANYS CarePath™ participants select support tools designed to enhance their mind-body health and identify options that support healthy lifestyle choices and build resilience together.

Consider a MHANYS CarePath™ Coach in Your School

MHANYS CarePath™ program is appropriate for individuals over 12 years of age. A MHANYS CarePath™ Coach:

  • supports a reintegration plan for students and their family after a recent setback or discharge from a treatment or residential setting.
  • supports the student and their family, and partners with school mental health professionals, educators and school administrators to ensure a successful transition and academic success for the student.
  • facilitates continuous family engagement.


Deborah Faust
Director of Family Engagement & Support Services
Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS)
518-434-0439 x 221

Interested in becoming a CarePath™ Coach? 

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MHANYS Capital Region Training Center
194 Washington Avenue Suite, 415
Albany, NY 12210

For more information or questions:

Email or call (518) 434-0439

MHANYS is very pleased to be partnering with Herkimer Community College in the inclusion of MHANYS CarePath™ Curriculum for all students graduating with a degree in Human Services. 

CarePath™ Testimonials

“When my husband and I agreed to participate in MHANYS CarePath™ Program, we were interested in supporting our son in his recovery. We had no idea how the CarePath™ would support our own health and our other children. Our family is grateful for the CarePath™ Program.”

        – Family from Schenectady

“CarePath™ is family-centered with a holistic wellness lens that is strength-based, trauma-informed and is delivered within a structured system that can be evaluated for its efficacy.”

        – Robert, a CarePath™ Coach from Westchester County

“Participating in the CarePath™ Coach training reminded me how important it is to keep the human in human services while adopting the best practices science has to offer. The CarePath™ Program is a wonderful support tool.”

         – A case manager from the MHA in Fulton & Montgomery Counties
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