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Mental Health Update

July 29, 2019
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 7/29/19 – Comptrollers’ Report on Nonprofits Clearly Shows Need for Increased Funding for Behavioral Health Workforce and others in the Human Services Sector

Recently, the Comptrollers’ Office put out a significant report on New York’s non-profit sector which continues to make a strong case for funding the behavioral health and entire human sector workforce.

A few compelling numbers from the report help strongly make our case:

1) Non Profits are an economic driver in New York State

There are 1.4 million nonprofits jobs in New York State

18% of New York’s workforce is in the non-profit sector

2)  Human Services are a significant part of the Non Profit Sector

17% of the nonprofit sector is comprised of Human Services or as referred to in the report as Social Assistance

3) There is a high percentage of women and people of color in the Human Services Sector

Though this was not referenced in the report, we know from other reporting mechanisms that over 80% of the human sector workforce are comprised of women and over 40% are individuals of color

4) The Human Service Sector is vastly underpaid as compared to the other Non Profit Sectors

The average salary of an individual working in the nonprofit sector in New York is $55,572. The average worker in the Human Service Not Profit Sector (Social Assistance) is $30,504.  This is over $25,000 less than the average of other people in the not for profit sector.


These numbers just continue to buttress the case that we need to dramatically enhance funding for the human services sector.

See the new OSC report on Non-profits in NYS.