Mental Health Update

June 5, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 6/5/20 – We Stand in Solidarity and Are Committed to Change

We are struck by our members and colleagues that have been so passionate and eloquent about issues of racial discrimination. We stand in  support of many statements and actions. One of the most powerful statement come from our NYC member—Vibrant Emotional Health.  Their thoughtful comments are listed below.


Vibrant stands in solidarity with protestors and community members in calls for justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and so many other Black individuals who are the victims of violence and racism.  We share in the pain, outrage and grief felt by so many members of our Black communities across the United States who have experienced generations of racial injustice.

While this is important, it is not enough.

The civil unrest over the past week has captured our national attention on the distressing impacts of racial inequities and injustice. These are not isolated incidents, but rather reflective of the racism and inequity that are everyday realities for many, which do not often grab broader attention.  And, these recent events have happened during a pandemic that has exacerbated existing disparities, resulting in a disproportionate and devastating impact on communities of color.

We all must take responsibility to understand and to speak up against these injustices and systems of oppression.

Vibrant’s vision is emotional health for all people.  We cannot fully achieve that vision until we confront and eliminate systemic racism and discrimination in our society and its detrimental impact on emotional wellbeing. We have an obligation, on behalf of our community and our staff, to work for a society that is equitable and just for all.

At Vibrant we are committed to advancing a racial equity framework. We are committed to having meaningful and open conversations, listening to each other, educating ourselves on our own and through organized trainings, and working together to drive innovative solutions. We also recognize the emotional impact of these events and support our Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) staff and the communities we serve.

We are in challenging times. But, we remain hopeful. Change is not easy, but lasting change is the only way we can shape a better future for all.

In solidarity,

Kimberly Williams, LMSW
President and CEO

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