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Mental Health Update

June 25, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 6/25/21 – Signing of the Licensure Bill Extension

Yesterday Governor Cuomo signed a one year extension of the ‘Licensure Bill’

There has been much discussion about the so called ‘licensure’ bill for
almost twenty years.  While far from being an expert on the topic, this is a
scope of practice issue that has great impact to the behavioral health
workforce. It has been a subject of discussion among practitioners for many
years with seemingly no middle ground except to continue to provide
extensions. This year was particularly fraught with drama as it looked like
the extender might not have been possible. Without an extender, licensed
mental health counselors and family and marriage therapists would be more
limited in their ability to provide treatment planning.

Thankfully through the leadership of Senator Brouk and Assemblymember
Bronson, the extender is in place for another year. The hope is that 2022
will be the year that all sides come together and reach agreement that
continues to buttress our field without negatively impacting an already
dramatically scarce and underfunded workforce.

> A7405 By Bronson, Harry B.. Relates to extending certain exemptions
> for persons employed as mental health practitioners, psychologists and
> social workers. – Signed by the Governor (Chap:  159)