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Mental Health Update

June 10, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 6/10/21 – Call Today to Ensure that Workers on the Justice Center Staff Exclusion List because of Abuse and Neglect in our Sector will not be able to Work with Other Vulnerable Populations

In the waning days of Legislative Session, I know we have sent out a lot of calls to action and the results have been positive including a one year extension on the mental health licensure bill and positive movement on 988. 

This is another important issue in regard to the scope of the Justice Center Staff Exclusion List (SEL). One of the most significant pieces of the work of the Justice Center has been the creation of the list that would exclude certain individuals from working in our sector because of a serious acts of abuse and neglect  Yet, these same people can work in nursing homes, home care agencies, adult homes and summer camps.  This makes no sense.

If they are not fit to work in our behavioral health community, why should they still work with other vulnerable populations? I wouldn’t want anyone on the Staff Exclusion List working with my loved one in another sector. Would you? Of course not.

We must rectify this omission by calling Speaker Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins and urge them to support A.7862 and S.7106

Call Speaker Heastie today at (518) 455-3791

Call Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins at (518) 455-2415

Thank you