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Mental Health Update

May 28, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 5/28/21 – Listen to Karl Shallowhorn’s Podcast on Monday–‘Mental Health Verses” Dedicated to how music helps our mental health. Find out the three songs that have most impacted my personal journey

MHANYS Board Member and leading mental health advocate, Karl Shallowhorn has a fascinating podcast related to music and mental health that is on Spotify.  He asks colleagues and friends three songs that have greatly influenced them in their personal journey.

I am on Monday’s podcast identifying the three songs that have most greatly influenced my life both as an advocate and family member.  The three are a very eclectic mix—a movie theme, a disco song and a classic song from a top Broadway musical  (Meet the Mets is not on the list although it would be Top Ten for sure).  You’ll have to listen on Monday to find out what they are…Information on the podcast is listed below