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Mental Health Update

May 14, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 5/14/21 – Some Updates on Crisis Services including interview with Senator Samra Brouk

To many of us, one of the real stories about this year’s mental health budget is about crisis services in New York State. We held a member briefing last week with OMH and our affiliates about how we can be more engaged in the State’s plan around mobile crisis services, 988 and crisis stabilization centers.  This is a real window for our entire community. As I have been saying we can help turn ‘a patchwork of services into a pathway for services’  if we can effectively put together the core components of what our crisis services should look like through the lens of people who are most in need as well as their families.

Next week, the Senate and Assembly are holding a joint hearing around Crisis Services. MHANYS and many of our colleagues will be participating.

Also, I have attached a link to an interview with New York NOW and Senator Samra Brouk talking about the importance of 988 in responding to crisis services. She does a great job of laying out the issues and responding to the questions brought up by moderator Dan Clark.