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Mental Health Update

April 8, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 4/8/20 – Action: Urge Legislators to Financially Support Behavioral Health Providers

MHANYS strongly support the work of Mental Health America, the National Council, NAMI and all the other national organizations supporting $38.5 billion for on the ground providers and organizations who are fighting every day to provide the support for those in greatest need during COVID—19.

The Statewide #3for5 Campaign has also urged support from Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and our congressional delegation to provide human services funding for our workforce as part of the next stimulus package. The frontline stories we hear from our members everyday reflects how mental health and other human service agencies are doing the incredible work of keeping vulnerable people safe and supported ruing this crisis.

Please take the time to call.

This week, the National Council joined 40 other national and state advocacy organizations in a historic appropriations request for behavioral health organizations in response to COVID-19. The request – an emergency supplemental appropriation of $38.5 billion in direct payment to on-the-ground providers and organizations – is one of the largest and most important appropriations requests of our time.

As COVID-19 has spread fear and anxiety across our nation, we have repeatedly asked you, our members, what you needed and how we could help. We have heard you. You made your needs overwhelmingly clear: you need PPE, you need equipment, and most importantly you need financial resources to keep your doors open and the lights on. You need this emergency supplemental to continue doing the lifesaving work you do in your community every day, serving individuals with mental illness and addiction.

Now that we have heard you and made this request, we need to make sure your legislators hear you too. Please take time today to write to them to ensure legislators across the country know what you are experiencing and urge them to support this appropriation request.

Will you take two minutes today to urge your Member of Congress to support this direct emergency funding for behavioral health organizations?

As always, thank you for all you do.


Chuck Ingoglia
President and CEO
National Council for Behavioral Health