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Mental Health Update

April 30, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 4/30/20 – Resources and Recognition for National Trauma Survivors Day

The world has changed dramatically in the last several months and we are continuing to recognize that COVID-19 is not only a physical virus, but it is also a psychological virus. The traumatic and anxiety provoking aspects of this pandemic will be felt for years to come. That it is why today’s National Trauma Survivor’s Day carries such great significance.

MHANYS and our affiliates are rising up every day to respond to the traumatic impact of COVID-19.

Deb Faust, MHANYS Director of Family Engagement and Support, created a series of mini webinars on three topics:

Alone Time:  Isolation Versus Solitude

Collective Grief:  A Human Connection to Trauma

Collective Trauma:  A Shared Human Experience

All three are available on the front page of our website at   There are also many other valuable resources throughout our web page in response to trauma

In addition, John Richter, MHANYS Director of Public Policy, created a policy brief on Responding to the Collective Trauma of COVID—19, including a series of recommendations for how policy makers can help respond to support a trauma informed mental health response.  The policy brief is attached

Please stay safe