Mental Health Update

April 29, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 4/29/20 – Recording of Today’s MHANYS Webinar on Managing Stress with a Wellness Mindset

Tell me you are not familiar with the following scenario….You give a presentation and you are met with applause and positive praise from dozens of people. However, there is the one person who is critical of your presentation. Do you focus on the twenty five people who praised you or the one who was critical? Unfortunately, up to 80% of people focus on the one negative comment. As we are continuing to struggle during this pandemic, the rate of negative thinking is even higher.

If you are one of that 80% then you have to listen to today’s MHANYS webinar presented by Deb Faust, MHANYS Director of Family Engagement and Support and Whitney Closson, MHANYS, Family Education Specialist  This webinar provides coping skills for managing stress, skill sets for self-compassion and helps provide exercises on how to not have your brain function as your own worst critic especially during this times of great stress.

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