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Mental Health Update

April 23, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 4/23/20 – On behalf of SAMHSA Region II: Join the Facebook live webcast on disparities and COVID-19 on April 24th

Straight Talk: A Conversation about Racism, Health Inequities, and COVID-19

Live webcast: Friday, April 24 12 – 1 p.m. (Pacific)

This event will be broadcast live on this page.
You can also 
watch this event live on the UC Berkeley Facebook page.

Emerging data show that African Americans and other U.S. ethnic minorities are being stricken by COVID-19 at a higher rate, and experiencing greater sickness and a higher death toll than other Americans. Some have said that COVID-19 is “ravaging” black communities. In this interactive conversation, five faculty members from the School of Public Health will discuss how racism shapes vulnerability to COVID19, why African Americans are being so heavily impacted, and why these disparities matter.

This event is sponsored by the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley and the School of Public Health.

Denise Herd (Moderator) is a Professor in the School of Public Health and Associate Director of the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on health inequities, social movements, the social construction of health and the social epidemiology of substance abuse issues in U.S. ethnic minority populations.

Amani Allen is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health. Her work examines how social factors such as race, racism, and socioeconomic status determine life experiences and opportunities differently for different social groups and impacts racial inequities in mental and physical health with particular attention to cardiometabolic risk, biological aging, and chronic disease.

Jason Corburn is a Professor in the School of Public Health and Department of City & Regional Planning. His research examines the drivers of health inequalities in cities around the world, with an emphasis on community participation, citizen science, and public policy.

Cassie Marshall is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health. Her research focuses on the development and evaluation of person-centered interventions to promote reproductive and maternal health equity.

Mahasin Muhajid is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health. Her research examines racial/ethnic health inequities and the structural determinants of cardiovascular risk over the life course.

Osagie Obasogie is Professor in the School of Public Health and Joint Medical Program. His research looks at the intersection of race, bioethics, and health disparities.