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Mental Health Update

March 30, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 3/30/21 – Twelve Priority Budget Issues in Mental Health

Budget Watch Scorecard:

As we possibly get closer to a final budget, MHANY and our colleagues are keeping close tabs on budget negotiations around these dozen significant issues while also pressuring the Executive to sign the HALT legislation.

Restorations and additions would be close to $100 million dollars, a miniscule number in comparison to the overall budget. For all of us that are family members, peers, providers and advocates, we urge the legislature and executive to robustly fund our priorities in this year’s budget. Time for the mental health community to get our fair share.

  • 5% Cuts to Mental Health Funding—Number One Priority to fight those proposed cuts
  • Full Reinvestment Funding that links the 200 proposed bed closures with the funding ($22 million dollars)
  • Full 1% COLA increase for this year without deferral ($15 million)  We must recognize our heroic workforce!
  • Enhanced Funding for Dwyer Project
  • Support for Crisis Stabilization Centers
  • Restoration of Prescriber Prevails
  • Funding for Suicide Prevention efforts among underserved populations
  • Support for Adult Home Advocacy Project
  • Unspent Housing Funding from last year’s budget to be spent to provide desperately needed funding for housing providers ($20 million)
  • Increased spending for CIT
  • Funding increase for Mental Health First Aid
  • Funding increase for MHANYS School Mental Health Resource and Training Center

We will keep you all updated

Glenn Liebman
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