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Mental Health Update

March 22, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 3/22/21 – Additional Five Billion Dollars in State Budget should lead to full Restoration for any Mental Health cuts and Support for #3for5

At Governor Cuomo’s press conference earlier today, Director of Budget, Robert Mujica announced that between increased revenue and federal aid, New York has an extra $5 billion dollars.  He then said that with this increased revenue, no budget cuts will be necessary.

Let’s hope this translates into full Reinvestment with the funding from the closing of 200 beds at a cost of $22 million, full funding of a one percent COLA for mental health at a cost of $15 million, elimination of the 5% cuts in services at a cost of $17 million as well as funding for Crisis Stabilization Centers, Joseph Dwyer Veteran’s Mental Health Program, Mental Health First Aid, CIT, MHANYS School Resource Center, Prescriber Prevails, Adult Home Advocacy, Housing Support, Suicide Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform.

Time to Bring Back #3for5

Also, as advocates, lets again bring the entire Human Service Sector’s movement together into our #3for5 campaign, dedicated to providing a 3 percent increase to the entire human service sector every year for the next five years.  It would cost only a $165 million a year for the next five years.  Wouldn’t it be fitting that in a year where these front line staff have been acknowledged as the heroes of COVID, they would be getting justifiable increases for their great work?  Time to add this to budget negotiations.


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