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Mental Health Update

March 12, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 3/12/20 – #3for5 Website and Upcoming Calls for Action

Amidst all the uncertainty around the Coronavirus, the statewide network of Human Service agencies continue to do the hard work of keeping vulnerable citizens in protected, safe and independent settings. As awful as this pandemic has been and will likely be moving forward, New York’s Human Services sector is playing a vital role in helping to provide the ‘safety net’ for many individuals and their loved ones.

In these perilous times, is there any better investment the State can make than funding for this sector?

To that end, over the next two weeks, the entire sector comprised of mental health, addictions disorders, aging, developmental disabilities, child welfare, domestic shelters, food pantries, housing programs and others will continue to raise our voice as one in support of #3for5.

The bottom line is that this is not an easy lift and it is now complicated by the coronavirus. The only way it happens is by real action by the thousands of you in the community

Two Immediate Ways to Help

1)       Early next week, we will be providing information on phoning, mailing  and e-mailing the Governor and The Legislature about #3for5  Please take a few minutes of your time to talk advantage of that opportunity. Every communication means something! Personal letters mean the most.

2)      Let us know if your agency will join the growing list of supporters. We have support from every corner of the State, but we need even more. Let Sophie Theis at MHANYS know you want to join as a supporter at

Do you have any questions about the Campaign?  Please log on to the website at