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Mental Health Update

March 11, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 3/11/21 – MHANYS Mental Health Matters Legislative Day highlighted by dignitaries including Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul

Yesterday, in the  middle of our Mental Health Matters Week, we held our annual Legislative Day where we discussed and highlighted the budget issues that have been discussed since the budget was introduced in January.  Most germane budget issues include restoring the 5% cut to mental health; full funding for Reinvestment;  restoration of the 1% COLA cut in the budget; full restoration of Prescriber Prevails; Workforce fundingfunding for  the School Mental Health Resource and Training Center; Support for the Crisis Stabilization Centers;  funding for the Dwyer Project; funding for CITAdult home funding restoration and continuation of funding for Mental Health First Aid for the general public and for law enforcement.

Given all the federal funding coming through the stimulus package along with the growing recognition of behavioral health during the pandemic, we are hopeful that there will be full restoration to any budget cuts.  MHANYS and our colleagues are working tirelessly to make this happen.  We are anticipating both the Senate and Assembly coming out with their one house bills over the next few days.

We were very pleased yesterday to hear support for our members from Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Senate Mental Hygiene Chair, Samra BroukSenate Education Chair, Shelly Mayer, Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair Aileen Gunther and Mental Health Commissioner, Dr. Ann Sullivan.

 So we have completed four of the five days of MHANYS Legislative Week. Today featured powerful discussions about Trauma Informed Care and an afternoon feature on advocacy messaging.  Tomorrow we are highlighting mental health in the workplace in the morning and petition drives in the afternoon.  We hope you are able to log on at:

10 AM-12 PM  Advocacy Spotlight: Mental Health in the Workplace

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 934 5172 0936
Passcode: 555801
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1 PM-2 PM How-to Workshop: Petition Campaign

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 975 0539 2356
Passcode: 645625
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Glenn Liebman
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