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Mental Health Update

February 6, 2019
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 2/6/19 – Zucker: State Will Monitor Mental Health Effects Of Marijuana…NY State of Politics

In response to concerns raised by MHANYS and other mental health organizations, the State will more closely monitor the impact of possible legalization of recreational marijuana as related to mental health. From our end, we will continue to monitor the actions of the State in this regard. Other groups like the Statewide PTA, the Sheriffs Association and The Medical Society have also voiced their concerns about possible legalization.

Zucker: State Will Monitor Mental Health Effects Of Marijuana

From the Morning Memo:

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker in an interview acknowledged the concerns raised by mental health advocates over the potential legalization of marijuana and the impact it could have on vulnerable populations.

“This is something that we recognize,” Zucker said Tuesday after testifying to a joint legislative budget panel. “We heard this when we had a committee to work on this.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $175 billion budget plan includes the legalization of commercial marijuana in New York, with a plan that shift regulation and oversight of marijuana to an office under the State Liquor Authority. The office would oversee medical marijuana, hemp as well as the retail industry.

Zucker’s office last year released a report on the potential legalization of marijuana, saying the pros outweighed the cons in doing so.

“At this point what the governor has asked is that there be a commission to look at cannabis management so they will end up tackling that,” Zucker said. “I’m sure they will speak with the Office of Mental Health and speak with people about their concerns as well.”