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Mental Health Update

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February 24, 2022
Mental Health Update

02/24/2022 – MHANYS Releases White Paper on Mental Health and Higher Education

Today MHANYS is releasing a White Paper that provides both an overview of college mental health as well as a series of recommendations that will advance this discussion. Among our recommendations are to insure mental health literacy and training across all college campuses and Whole Health Parity to ensure that colleges are treating leaves of absences, disenrollment from school, loss of financial aid and scholarships, the same for mental health and physical health.

In 2017, we released a White Paper on mental health education in K-12 that ultimately helped lead to reforms in New York and across the country. We are hopeful this will help spur similar change in Mental Health on college campuses.

We thank Senator Anna M. Kaplan for introducing legislation (S.7659) that are consistent with our recommendations for reform. We are also appreciative of the strong support of our Senate Mental Hygiene Chair, Samra Brouk and Assembly Mental Hygiene Chair, Aileen Gunther.

Thanks to MHANYS Public Policy Director John Richter for an exemplary job of authoring this report with the assistance of other MHANYS staff.

The report and press release are attached.