Mental Health Update

December 27, 2021

MH Update 12/27/2021 – Advisory on Shortening Isolation Period for Certain Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers

The NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) is sending this additional notice to OMH licensed, funded, and designated mental health community treatment and housing providers and authorizing them to follow the attached advisory regarding vaccinated healthcare workers sent by the NYS Department of Health on 12/24/21. The advisory gives mental health agency leadership the option to allow fully vaccinated healthcare workers or other critical workforce members to return to work after day 5 of their isolation period (where day zero is defined as either date of COVID-19 symptom onset if symptomatic, or date of collection of first COVID-19 positive test if asymptomatic) if they meet specified criteria (see advisory for criteria). Each agency should use its discretion to determine when staffing needs are critical and this advisory should be followed.


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