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Mental Health Update

November 24, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 11/24/20 – MHANYS Innovative CarePath Coach Certification Training is Now On Line

MHANYS is very excited to announce that the innovative CarePath, Coach Certification Training is now on-line.  Join the increasing number of CarePath Coaches that are helping peers and their family members transition to better health and wellness.  MHANYS is also pleased to be working with the NYS Office of Mental Health around a CarePath demonstration project.


MHANYS CarePath™ Coach Certification Training is Now Online!

MHANYS is excited to announce online training for certification to be a CarePath™ Coach. The New York State Office of Mental Health supports the CarePath Model and is working with MHANYS on a demonstration project.

Bring this innovative support tool to your community. MHANYS CarePath™ Program acts as a transition support tool for those interested in achieving and maintaining better overall health and well-being.  A CarePath™ Coach assists individuals in recovery along with their family members or other identified supporters in the transition to better health and wellness. The CarePath™ program protects the integrity of health within the family. It’s a relational perspective on achieving and maintaining wellness that embodies whole-family health. 

MHANYS online certification in the CarePath™ model includes instruction in trauma-informed guidelines for virtual engagement. Visit MHANYS CarePath™ webpage at for details on training format and upcoming training dates.