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Mental Health Update

October 20, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 10/20/2021 – MHANYS Testimony to Senate Joint Taskforce on Opioid Addictions, Overdose and Prevention: Time to Embed the 5.4% COLA in the State Budget for Agencies and their Workforce

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to present testimony to the New York State Joint Senate Task Force on Opioid Addictions, Overdose and Prevention.

While our testimony has a series of recommendations, we really focused our attention today on issues around a workforce COLA tied to the 5.4% Consumer Price Index. We continued to advocate with the Senate and Assembly to work with the Executive to include this 5.4% COLA in the State Budget.How can our workforce be hailed as heroes during COVID and then not get a
trend factor that recognizes their tireless efforts? Vacancy rates and turnover are on the mind of every behavioral health provider in New York State.

Time to ‘Open the Door for 5.4