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Mental Health Update

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January 7, 2022
Mental Health Update

01/07/2022 – A Personal Statement about the State of the State and the Proposed Human Service COLA

As this work week moves to a close for many people, please remember those workers who will be working this weekend. Either they are working the weekend shift for a mission driven human service agency or they are working a second job because they can’t afford to live on their existing salary. They are doing the most important job to those of us that our family members—keeping our loved ones safe, hopeful and moving toward recovery. This week Governor Hochul heard the human service community and has provided great hope and support for this workforce by including a human services COLA in the State of the State.We will continue to fight to ensure that COLA is in the final State budget and we will also advocate for an additional five hundred million dollars for mental health and addiction services. As we do that, we also want to acknowledge and support the Governor for not only her words but her deeds. Thank you for hearing us.