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Mental Health Update

January 11, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 1/11/21 – MHANYS Calls for Increased Funding for Mental Health First Aid, MH and Wellness 101 and Crisis Intervention Teams In Response to Governor Cuomo Call for an Enhanced Role for Mental Health in Public Safety

Powerful Words from Governor Cuomo on the State of the State  We were pleased that he acknowledged the role of mental health in law enforcement.  Three ways to help quickly respond to the  crisis include:

  1. Funding for Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) in every county in New York State. CIT has been an evidence based de-escalation model that provides a comprehensive response to how law enforcement should be engaging with individuals in a mental health crisis. It trains law enforcement, families and individuals with appropriate support and education around a mental health crisis. The State should help to identify communities of color that are in greatest need of this training.
  2. Mental Health First Aid is an essential part of training law enforcement as well. This eight hour training provides law enforcement with a basic knowledge of mental health. MHANYS and our members have provided successful training to hundreds of individuals in law enforcement. The response has been overwhelmingly positive in all communities.
  3. Provide Funding for Mental Health and Wellness 101. This MHANYS product line has trained 100s of people in a one hour training about the basics of mental health.  While not as in-depth as CIT or MHFA, this training would give law enforcement a basic knowledge of mental health which is essential in diverting or de-escalating a crisis. This training has been provided on-line to create easy access and large bandwidth

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