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Mental Health Update

April 3, 2023
Mental Health Update

Call to Action: Support Mental Health Workforce Funding and Community Support

Do you know that the behavioral health community has generated over fifty thousand letters (shout out to our friends at ACL and NAMI for their leadership on this), thousands of phone calls and e-mails and that is just from the behavioral health community?  Advocates for the IDD, Child Welfare and the entire human service sector have also generated countless letters, emails and calls.  This is true grassroots in action.

Everyone knows about the need for staff given the large vacancy rate and staff turnover.  People come into our world because they are mission driven but mission driven does not put food on the table.  It is very simple.  We need an 8.5% COLA in this year’s budget.  The Governor has just announced a week extender on the budget.  This gives us another week to continue to raise the visibility of the issue.  Please contact your legislator today and urge support for our community and workforce.

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Take Action Now

Support Mental Health Workforce Funding and Community Support

“We need an 8.5% Cost of Living Adjustment for the Mental Health Workforce”

So far, the Senate and House have included the 8.5% COLA for mental health workforce funding. Thank you for helping to make this happen. Let’s make our voices heard again!

Click ACT NOW to send an email to your representative in support.



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