Mental Health Update

May 25, 2023
Mental Health Update

Breaking News About College Mental Health in New York: Legislation Introduced. Please Urge Your Senator and Assembly Member to Support

Breaking News Around College Mental Health:

Both Senator Samra Brouk (S.7236) and Assembly Member Aileen Gunther (A.6804) have agreed to introduce legislation that will help respond to New York State’s growing mental health crisis on college campuses. Higher Ed Chairs Assembly Member Pat Fahy and Senate Chair Toby Stavisky have been strong advocates as well for mental health education on college campuses.

 This legislation would:

  • Provide mental health literacy on college campuses
  • Support parity between mental health and physical health when it comes to leaves of absences and return to school policies
  • Reviews mental health policies and procedures on college campuses

You can help spread the word, link to our site at  and take a minute to urge your Assemblymember and Senator to support this legislation.

 This legislation session is almost over. Let’s do a big push to support college mental health.

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