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Mental Health Update

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May 12, 2023
Mental Health Update

Be a Mental Health Community Partner Site!

Thank you to our colleagues at OMH for sharing an update on MHANYS Community Partners program.

We urge your agency to becoming a partner site and take advantage of this no cost training.

A Whole-Family & Community Approach

The Mental Health Community Partners (MHCP) program supports adults & youth aged 12+ in transitioning from unwell to well. The MHCP model takes an innovative relational approach – supporting the person in recovery, plus their whole family or chosen supporters in the community. Participants receive support from a certified Mental Health Community Partner to:

✓ Navigate mental health & recovery

✓ Gain a holistic understanding of mind-body health

✓ Build a family culture of wellness

✓ Reduce hospital admissions & ER visits

✓ Sustain wellness & recovery in the community

Bring the Mental Health Community Partners program

to your agency & community!

Become a Partner Site

Agencies in NY State that support individuals with mental health needs and/or their families are eligible to receive free MHCP Certification Training for staff. MHCP is a flexible program that can be integrated into existing agency offerings.


MHCP Certification Trainings offer full scholarships for a limited time.

Typically costs $2,000 per person!

Submit a Partner Site Application at