FindYouthInfo was created by the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs (IWGYP), which is composed of representatives from 18 federal agencies that support programs and services focusing on youth. The IWGYP promotes the goal of positive, healthy outcomes for youth.

From Entitlement to Eligibility: Differences between Public Education and Post-Secondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities in New York State
This document explains the three federal laws that apply to students with disabilities in public school (grades K-12) and what can be expected in public and post-secondary education settings in NYS.

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning
The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials for Learning (AEM Center), funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education, provides support for the use of AEM in early learning, K-12, higher education, and workplace settings, and includes both print materials and educational materials that are developed and distributed in digital formats.

TransitionSource is designed to support educational programs and agencies across New York State, to advance the post-school outcomes of secondary students with disabilities. Within this website, you will find tools to assist with:

  • Finding just the right web and agency resources to support your efforts
  • Strategic planning and progress development for secondary transition program development
  • Interactive features for online discussions, document and media sharing among members
  • Email messaging to other users of the website
  • Data collection tools to chart and report progress toward meeting organizational goals

All of this within a password-protected system for use across all of New York State’s educational programs and agencies.