Workforce Development & Outreach Program (WDOP) is a statewide initiative designed to improve individuals’ employment opportunities across New York. WDOP creates educational programming and opportunities for individuals with varied experiences and abilities in achieving and maintaining meaningful employment. Additionally, WDOP works with organizations to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellness in the workplace to create an inclusive environment while achieving organizational success.

Mental Health & Workforce Development in the News

Did you know mental health disorders are the single most expensive category of health cost for most employers, across all industries and sizes?

According to Forbes “the top priority for many employees today is mental health” and “as the demand increases for workplaces where mental health is the focus, those in charge must take notice and take action.”

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How to Ask Your Boss for a Mental Health Day

Have you asked your boss to take a mental health day recently?

Navigating the past year may have brought on various emotions and experiences. While it might seem like a waste to take a day when you have nowhere to go or nothing to do, but don’t underestimate the impact of taking a day to focus on your mental health and wellness.

Interested in learning more or exploring ways to talk to your boss? Check out a recent article from Mental Health First Aid USA.

Could COVID-19 Finally Destigmatize Mental Illness?

There is a research model going around that suggests as many as 150,000 additional people could die from mental health-related outcomes of COVID-19. I could argue the merits of the mathematical model as many of my colleagues have. I could also make the case that discussing the depths of despair and predicting increasing suicide rates over and over could, in fact, lead to copycat suicides. Read more.

5 Ways To Support Your Employees’ Mental Health During A Pandemic

We’re all feeling the impact of COVID-19. The global pandemic has impacted not only the physical health of many individuals but their mental health as well. If you’re anxious, depressed, or struggling to sleep through the night, you’re not alone. Read more.

COVID-19 Takes a Toll on Employees' Mental Well-Being

Are you feeling emotionally drained, having trouble concentrating or losing interest in activities you once enjoyed? If so, you’re not alone. Read more.

Mental health first aid in the workplace is about a culture of wellness

BOSTON — For benefits professionals and human resource officers, employees’ mental health is often a top concern.

But how can you convert your workforce into a self-serving support system? Read more.

Being An Agent Of Change For Workplace Mental Health

In the past few months, and for the foreseeable future, employers have been or will begin soon to strategize ways to support employee mental health as workforces around the world continue to adjust to new work environments, the persistent risk of Covid-19, and an uncertain future. Read more.

4 Ways to Invest in Employee Mental Health

COVID-19 has disrupted every facet of our lives, and our collective mental health is no exception.

It’s normal for people to feel distressed during a global disaster, but this pandemic has an added dimension of isolation that makes maintaining mental wellbeing especially difficult. Read more.

The Power Of 10 Minutes: How Mindfulness Can Address The Looming Mental Health Crisis In Businesses

Experts are raising the flag to warn that the COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a mental health crisis which could last for months and years. The measures we have been taking to control the virus – isolation, shutdowns, business closures, restricted access – have brewed a dangerous cocktail of anxiety, loneliness, grief and deep uncertainty. Given the amount of time all of us spend at work, it is paramount that businesses are mindful of and prepared for this second crisis. The promising news is that there are immediate and impactful actions that businesses and leaders can take to make a difference. Read more.

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