Healthy Young Minds
This MHANYS publication is dedicated to educating high school youth, families, and teachers about mental health.

Healthy Young Minds – Issue 7 – January 2018

Healthy Young Minds- Issue 6 – October 2017

Healthy Young Minds – Issue 5 – January 2017

Healthy Young Minds – Issue 4 – September 2016

Healthy Young Minds  Issue 3 – June 2016

Healthy Young Minds – Issue 2 – February 2016

Healthy Young Minds – Issue 1 – September 2015

Youth Power! Videos
Transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be challenging and presents opportunities to learn about youth “culture.”  If we listen to what the youth have to say, we can make a difference!

Self-Advocacy and Disability Disclosure

Youth Culture Shock

The Power of Music

Let’s Talk About It

Find out more about these videos and more about YOUTHPOWER! at

Mental Health Education in New York Schools – MHANYS report on mental health education in New York Schools. A review of legislative history, intent, and vision for implementation.

 Apply for the Edna Aimes Scholarship

The Edna Aimes Scholarship is awarded annually by MHANYS.  It is named for Edna Gentry Aimes, who bequeathed funds to MHANYS for the scholarship in 1965.  Ms. Aimes was a pioneer in mental health work in Columbia County.  She served as the charter member and first president of the Columbia County Mental Health Society, and as regional vice-president and secretary of the board of the New York State Mental Health Association.

This scholarship is open to NYS residents that are juniors, seniors, and matriculated graduate students attending school in New York State and majoring in a mental health-related field to prepare for a career in mental health.

Edna Aimes Scholarship Application