It’s estimated that 698,961 individuals took part in donating roughly $116.7 MILLION dollars on Giving Tuesday in 2015!

What is Giving Tuesday you ask?  Giving Tuesday began in 2012 and is held on the Tuesday following Black Friday to expand the gift giving season to those charitable causes around the world.  Each year following its origination the 24 hour giving period has grown exponentially.  Not only does Giving Tuesday raise funds, it also gives organizations a platform to talk about what’s important, helping others.

MHANYS is taking part in Giving Tuesday to raise awareness about mental health. Your support helps our work to end the stigma against mental illness and promote mental health wellness in New York State.

WHY? Of the nearly 20 million people living in New York state, some 5 million (1 in 4) will experience a mental health problem in any given year. That means we are all affected by mental illness either personally or through a family member or close friend.

MHANYS works to benefit all New Yorkers through training, education, advocacy and policy, community-based partnership programming, and by connecting individuals and families to help. In this past year:

  • MHANYS has led public education and advocacy efforts focused on fighting stigma and increasing mental health literacy resulting in the Mental Health Education Bill being signed into law! AND
  • MHANYS staff reached well over 1,500 people through our annual conference, Mental Health First Aid trainings, Business Advisory Forums, MH and Wellness 101 workshops, presentations and much more!

This is a great time to give to MHANYS – we currently have a matching donor! Given this opportunity we want to reach out and encourage everyone to share MHANYS’ #NYGivesDay page –


Remember on Tuesday November 29, 2016 YOU can change the world by supporting MHANYS!

Please post our link on your social media and encourage friends, family, and co-workers to take part too.

#NYGivesDay, #GivingTuesday

– Joelle Monaco, Mental Health First Aid Project Coordinator

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