John C. recognizes the benefits that he receives from regular visits with his mental health counselor.  According to John, “There’s also nothing like feeling useful and valued…It’s so easy to just hide.  Now that I’m obligated to be at my job, I can’t!”  (John C.)

Kudos to John!
In spite of his over twenty-five year struggle with depression, long-term unemployment (in his professional field) and numerous job rejections, John did not hide!  He continued to get out into the community, be with others with similar interests/experiences and share his skills within two organizations… and do what it took to promote his sense of well-being… EVEN WHEN IT FELT LIKE A STRETCH!

Last October, I was approached by John C. for assistance/suggestions in finding employment.  John had been out of significant work since 2007.

Since it had been quite a few years since John’s last business development/management positions, I suggested that he use a networking approach to job-seeking…We talked about several possible individuals/organizations with whom John might meet and conduct informational interviews.  And as we both agreed, you never know when you’ll be talking to someone who knows someone who is looking for your skills…or perhaps, is that someone, looking to fill a position!

When I heard back from John several months later, I was delighted to learn that he had found a job!  He was hired by the community-based organization in which he volunteered.  When CEO Tina E. learned that her Financial Administrator would be leaving, she offered the position to John.

John was thrilled!  I also learned from John’s experience…
Depression can keep a person from reaching out, especially to strangers.  John explained that he had felt unable to follow-up on the networking opportunities we had discussed.

I also learned more about John’s strengths.
In spite of an urge “to hide,” he continued to volunteer.   “Just being aware that I was contributing to an organization helped me tremendously,” John explained.  “And at the same time, I was using my skills and building my social network!”

And as we had both agreed, you never know when you will meet someone who has a colleague/friend, looking for your skills…or perhaps, is the one who is looking to fill a position requiring your skills!

John is looking forward to continuing to build his skills and ability to contribute to his new employer.  His goal is to create a well-running financial process system for the organization.  He also will be working closely with a board member to build his website coordination skills (“and value to the organization”)!

“I function best when I’m learning…Doing what we love builds our sense of well-being!”  John C.  

– Marsha Lazarus, MBA, Director of Workforce Development

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