MHANYS works closely with the NYS Office of Mental Health’s Suicide Prevention Office and the Suicide Prevention Center of New York to make operational yearly statewide suicide prevention initiatives that reach clinicians, communities, and other stakeholders.


Local suicide prevention coalitions can now access Infrastructure RFP’s for 2019-2021.  Please review all the information in the RFP Announcement before taking a look at all the different RFP’s.

Descriptions of projects the Suicide Prevention Center of New York and the Suicide Prevention Office are interested in accepting proposals for can be found on the Project Menu.



Means Reduction Project RPF is for projects that address one or two specific means identified that are common in your county or community. For example: gun safety, bridges, RR, working with pharmacists etc.

High Risk Population Project RPF is for projects that target groups that are at a high risk of suicide. For example: the elderly, active duty military, veterans, and those in rural communities. Men in the middle years, age 35-55, have a separate RFP with different guidelines.

Loss and Attempt Survivor RPF is for projects that support families of people who have passed away because of suicide or to people who have attempted suicide.

MiMY (Men in the Middle Years) Project RPF is for projects that focus on men, age 35-55, that are at a high risk of suicide.

Education and Awareness RFP is for projects that aim to develop or expand their #Bethe1to campaigns in order to educate the community and bring awareness to suicide prevention.


Planning & Guidance Resources 

The following resources may provide you with some ideas and example ways to format certain elements of your proposals. Please note you do not have to use any of the forms identified in these documents.

Action Plan Form

CADCA Theory of Change Logic Model

Developing a Strong Need Statement for Grant Proposals

Evaluation and Data Collection Plan Template

Evaluation Plan Template

How to Write Goals and Objectives for Grant Proposals

Impact Effort Graphic


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