MHANYS Engagement & Support Services assist in care planning and aftercare while educating families on whole family health and well-being.

The health of the family is paramount in assisting their loved one in recovery. This begins with equipping the family with accurate information and resources that maximize their contribution in care and aftercare while learning how to preserve the integrity of their own health and well-being.

Educating families on mental health and illness positions them to support one another. Services include evidence-based trainings and best practice psychoeducational workshops designed to educate individuals and families on whole family health and well-being.


MHANYS CarePath Program

The CarePath Program is one of MHANYS Family Engagement Services and assists individuals and their families or identified supporters in developing a comprehensive path designed for managing the first 90 days post discharge.

The CarePath involves explicit goals and key elements of care based on the individual and their family or identified supporters and include best practices and evidenced based programming.

The CarePath Program emphasizes the role culture plays in a family’s experience of mental and/or substance use disorders. A family’s values, beliefs, language, and faith all influence their path in achieving and maintaining whole family health and well-being.



  • Defining Wellness Workshop
  • Understanding Trauma, Complex Family Trauma and Intergenerational Trauma
  • Brief Overview of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE’s) and the Associations to Later Life Health and Well-being
  • Barriers that Impede Family Health and Wellness
  • The Immediate Crisis is Over: Now What?
  • other workshops cover self-advocacy, justice-related issues, workplace/employment topics, and others.


  • Youth & Adult Mental Health First Aid
  • Trauma-informed Care & A Trauma-informed Approach
  • Inherited Family Trauma is not Destiny
  • The 5 Principles of Family Engagement
  • Barriers that Impede Family Health & Well-being
  • CarePath Coach Certification Training


Note: MHANYS Engagement & Support Services include SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

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