Mental Health and Wellness in Schools

MHANYS works to end the stigma against mental illness and promote mental health wellness through training, education, advocacy and policy, community-based partnerships, and by connecting individuals and families to help. This includes working with schools. 

In 2016, MHANYS successfully advocated for the passage of a law that requires schools to provide mental health education as part of the health curricula, and we are committed to supporting educators and schools through implementation.

As students have a better understanding of their own mental health and that of their family and peers, MHANYS believes that it is imperative for educators to also have an understanding of mental health and wellness, for schools to be prepared to respond to the mental health needs of students, and for communities to work together to support access.

As schools prepare to implement a New York State law (July 2018) that requires instruction of mental health as part of the K-12 Health curricula, MHANYS is committed to supporting schools through:

STUDENT EDUCATION: our Mental Health and Wellness 101 for students combines lecture and experiential learning activities. Topics include understanding mental health along a continuum from wellness to illness; self-care and other wellness strategies; recovery and treatment seeking behavior; and anti-stigma messaging.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT: our Mental Health and Wellness 101 for educators includes a one hour training on mental health and wellness, with additional 30 minute training components that can be tailored to your needs (i.e. suicide prevention, trauma, school-based wellness initiatives).  We also offer Youth Mental Health First Aid.  For a list of up-coming trainings, visit our CALENDAR.  MHANYS is an approved provider of CTLE hours.

COLLABORATION:  to build community partnerships that work to reduce stigma, support families, educate communities and support access to care.

CONSULTATION/TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE:  to work with key school personnel to develop strategies to promote wellness, educate students, provide staff development opportunities and identify community-based supports and resources.

HEALTHY YOUNG MINDS: a newsletter dedicated to high school aged youth to help promote understanding and encourage discussion of mental health issues among teachers, students and parents.  Sign-up to receive our newsletter by emailing and include HYM in the subject line, or read current and archived issues.

Read our white paper to learn more about Mental Health Education in New York Schools, including legislative history, intent and MHANYS’ vision for implementation, and check out our recommendations for school mental health curricula.

For more information or to schedule a Mental Health and Wellness school trainings, please contact Brandon Beachamp, Director, School Mental Health Resource and Training Center, at or 518.434.0439.




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