What is a
CarePath™ Coach?

A CarePath™ Coach offers transitional support through the engagement of the individual and their family or identified supporters for the first 90 days transitioning from treatment settings including; hospitals, supportive housing, addiction rehabilitation centers, youth residential settings, correctional facilities, etc.  CarePath™ participants all embark on a process of recovery alongside their loved ones and define their health and well-being with the realistic expectation that wellness similar to illness lives on a continuum.

A CarePath™ Coach assists the key person in need and their family members and/or supporters in:

  • understanding the wellness continuum
  • learning the process and principles of recovery
  • developing realistic expectations and effective communication skills
  • designing explicit goals and key elements of care within a defined period of time (90 days)
  • each person identifies health and well-being through the 8 dimensions of wellness
  • building on successes that influence the health of the whole family, including the children
  • skill building to encourage connectedness and supportive relationships
  • promotion of responsible decision-making and healthy lifestyle choices

How to Become a Certified CarePath™ Coach

Certification includes:

  • 24 hours of in-person training with a two-year designation as Certified CarePath™ Coach upon completion.
  • CarePath™ Coaching Manual and access to all materials
  • Curriculum titled, Recovery & A Wellness Mindset, a 90 minute workshop for ongoing engagement post 90 days
  • 20 credit hours from the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services for CASAC
  • Support and technical assistance
  • Quarterly webinars throughout certification period
  • Attendance at MHANYS annual conference/ workshops for CarePath™ Coaches


Deborah Faust
Director of Family Engagement & Support Services
Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS)
518-434-0439 x 221