Attached below is an excellent article from the Rochester Democrat and
Chronicle, highlighting the need for mental health services in schools in
Monroe County.

To quote from the article, “Besides poverty, though, school counselors and
administrators point to several factors that are putting students less at
ease. Some of the suspected culprits: over exposure to social media, stress
from high school testing, lack of physical activities, and in many cases,
mounting problems at home including drug use and fighting parents”

The article also highlights the ACEs Study and the importance of
recognizing trauma in school.

At MHANYS, following up on the passage of the Mental Health Education Bill,
we will be highlighting other public policy measures such as the bill
sponsored by Senator Hamilton and Assembly member Crespo that calls for
mandatory teaching of mental health as part of the teacher certification
process as well as funding to increase training for Mental Health First Aid
for school administrators and staff.

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