A wonderful tribute listed below from Wendy Brennan regarding the passing
of Ruth Lavelle, the Founder and President of NAMI Harlem. 

I had the honor of working with Ruth during my tenure at NAMI. She was so
well respected by the entire community and succeeded through her gracious
manner and tireless persistence. She will be greatly missed by all of us.

We have sad news to report during this holiday season. We are very sorry to
announce the passing of Ruth Lavelle, the founder and President of NAMI
Harlem, and past board member of both NAMI New York State and NAMI

Ruth was a trail blazer and an indefatigable champion in the fight to end
discrimination against individuals and families impacted by mental illness.
As difficult as these battles continue to be for many in the NAMI
community, Ruth, as a woman of color, had to fight even harder to represent
the mental health needs of Harlem.

Ruth was a polite and elegant woman—those who underestimated her, did so at
their peril. She will be missed.

Wendy Brennan
Executive Director
NAMI-NYC Metro | 505 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1103, New York, NY 10018


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