For many years, we have voiced our concern about how the mental health
workforce is dramatically underpaid. The workforce has received one small
COLA in the last eight years. While expenses are continuing to soar,
funding has continued to decrease. The results are very palpable—less
services, curtailing of hours, long waiting lists and in some cases, the
closing of community mental health programs.

These issues are not unique to mental health. Many other not for profits
statewide are equally impacted. That is why we are pleased to be part of a
campaign with others in the not for profit sectors. The name of the
campaign is Restore Opportunity Now (RON).

Information about the campaign and how to sign on is listed in the letter
below. Please take a minute to add your agency in support of enhancing the
human service sector workforce.

MHANYS is part of the Advisory Committee for the Restore Opportunity Now
(RON) campaign. This campaign comprises of human services organizations
across New York State that provide a variety of services. Recognizing the
need for crucial investments in the nonprofit human services sector, we
highlight the many issues experienced by nonprofits. Nonprofits deliver
essential services on behalf of government, yet chronic underfunding,
administrative burdens, and lack of investment in our workforce hinder our
ability to serve communities in the best ways possible. Throughout New York
State, 58% human services organizations reported not being able to meet
demand in their communities from 2014.

That is why the campaign seeks to work collaboratively with government to
build a robust human services delivery system by addressing:

• Chronic underfunding of existing human services contracts
that strips the sector of our ability to meet need, innovate, and develop
and sustain processes to manage our businesses;

• The lack of investment in core programs necessary to meet the
needs of communities; and

• Deficiencies in the compensation of our workforce whose
salaries are driven by government and have not kept pace with the
cost-of-living, leading to serious challenges in recruiting and retaining
quality staff.

The time for action is now and we hope that you can join the rest of the
human services community and sign on to Restore Opportunity Now!

For more information on the campaign you may find attached a PowerPoint
presentation and a list of members of the campaign. If you have any
additional issues or questions regarding the campaign, please feel free to
contact the campaign at icon RON-Sign-On-11-2.pdf

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