Last week, we held our MHANYS Awards Dinner and Conference. Despite
terrible weather, we had over two hundred and fifty different people attend
the two events. In future updates, we will share many of the highlights
including an incredibly informative and topical keynote address from Linda
Rosenberg, the President and CEO of the National Behavioral Health Council.

Among the many pieces we will be sharing over the next several days is a
power point from Greg Allen, the Director, Program Development and
Management, Office of Health Insurance Programs, New York State Department
of Health. Greg served on a panel titled, The Long and Winding Road Map:
From Waiver Services to VBP and Other Stops Along the Way. His insight and
knowledge were greatly appreciated. The power point is attached.

Several of us on the panel continued to bring up our concerns regarding the
underrepresentation of Community Based Organizations (CBO) in the
implementation of DSRIP projects. While many MHAs and other CBOs are part
of PPSs, few downstream providers are actually getting contracts from their
DSRIP. This will continue to be an advocacy agenda moving forward.


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