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Mental Health Update

July 24, 2020
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 7/24/20 – Trauma Informed Workforce Advisory Bill Passes in both Houses: Now it’s on to the Governor

Through the leadership of Assemblymember Gunther and the strong support of Senator Carlucci, the Legislature has passed the bill that calls for a Workforce Advisory Council around Trauma that will provide recommendation to the Executive and Legislature by December 2020.

This legislation was proposed in response to the long range impact of trauma to the various workforces directly impacted by COVID.  The legislation was driven by the countless individuals who are trauma survivors, their families and the community stakeholders.  I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Deb Faust, MHANYS Director of Family Engagement and John Richter, MHANYS Director of Public Policy.

There is a lot of groundbreaking work in the area of trauma informed care. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to implement on a statewide scale. Bringing together the experts with engagement from the Legislature and Executive should help provide a framework of change that can be implemented later this year and in 2021.  Our hard working essential workforce deserves every opportunity to get as many services and resources as possible in regard to issues of trauma.  This advisory council could help provide those recommendations moving forward.


Where do we go from here?

The next step will be to utilize a huge grassroots efforts across all sectors to get Governor Cuomo to support this bill.  We are very concerned that this bill will be vetoed if there is not an outpouring of community support.  We will share ways you can support this bill in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your support.