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Mental Health Update

March 12, 2021
Mental Health Update

MH Update – 3/12/21 – Interim Trauma Informed Care Report to the NYS Legislature

As part of the legislation that created the Trauma Informed Advisory Task Force, there was an interim report that came out on March 1st by the NYS Office of Mental Health to the State Legislature. This represents some early findings and recommendations that have emanated from Task Force discussions.  The recommendation of the interim report are consistent with the advocacy of MHANYS on issues of Trauma Informed Care including greater Public Awareness about Trauma Informed Care, Community Preparedness (including screening, training and outreach) and community based care.

The advocacy now shifts to providing funding for these important recommendations.  With all the new funding coming to New York, a commitment to utilizing some of the funding for Trauma Informed Care should be an important priority.

The full report will be out in December.

Special thanks to Assemblymember Gunther for introducing this legislation and the NYS Office of Mental Health and CCSI for putting together a comprehensive interim report in a rapid time frame