One of the most significant roles of the Justice Center that is not
frequently talked about is the focus on supporting the dedicated human
service workforce. While most of the attention is spent focusing on abuse
and neglect as it should be, there still must be a continued recognition of
the good work of the large percentage of dedicated professionals in human
services who are working for wages that are significantly less than in
other sectors. 

The Justice Center Code of Conduct awards is one of those events that
highlights the great work being done by the human service workforce across
the State. Below is a brief update about the ceremony and brief vignettes
of the individuals who received well deserved recognition for their work.
Congratulations to the award recipients.

Yesterday, the Justice Center presented Code of Conduct awards to four
individuals who help people live self-directed meaningful lives in their
communities, free from abuse and neglect, and protected from harm. I would
like to thank you for helping us obtain the outstanding nominations that we
received and since some of those who were recognized may work for agencies
in your association, I thought you might like to join us in congratulating
those who received awards.

The Justice Center also presented Champion Awards to individuals and
organizations who have promoted the Justice Center’s mission to support and
protect people with special needs and disabilities from abuse, neglect and

The press releases with the winners names can be found on the Justice
Center Website at the links below:

· Justice Center Announces Winners of 2017 Code of Conduct
Recognition Award

· Justice Center Issues 2017 Champion Awards

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