Fran Wishnick is a board member of one of our MHA affiliates. She lost her
son Craig several years ago to suicide completion.

In response to this tragedy, Fran has written a very moving book about her
son’s lifelong struggles as well as the failure of our system of care.

Information about the book is listed below

Title: “Craig Climbed a Tree: His Lifelong Struggle” out

on Amazon paperback and kindle:

Themes include: a renewed look at the need to understand and work with a
person’s strengths and deficits/illnesses, person-centered care, the
catastrophic impact of system silos (funded streams of services), with
restrictions on who is helped and how, the medical community dismissing and
devaluing the person and family voice, isolation in community and
antecedents to suicide.

*From Book’s Back Cover*

“Craig is no longer with us, but with us every day. A complex young man,
Craig had Asperger’s and Mental Illness. He graduated college summa cum
laude and traveled to foreign countries. He loved animals, music and
irony. He needed personalized help to survive in our alien world, but the
systems of care were not there for him -or us. Craig’s words and mine tell
the story.”

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