Every year the Mental Health Association in NYS, and the NYS Coalition Against Sexual Assault collaborate on a project initiative called, “Building Connections” funded by the NYS Office of Mental Health. On Nov 16th Building Connections is sponsoring a Seminar titled, “Healed People Heal Communities: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Family & Community Wellness.” 

It’s a difficult time for families and communities right now both locally and across our nation. This seminar is an opportunity for Interfaith Leaders, Services Providers and families to learn from each other on how best to support families and communities that are struggling.

Objectives for the seminar include;

– A presentation on a trauma-informed approach for identifying coping skills and behaviors developed as a result from experiencing traumatic stress and loss
– A panel discussion from inter-faith leaders and service providers that explore the success and challenges faced in partnering with families and communities that experience traumatic stress and loss
– Group exercises that focus on exploring some cultural specific perceptions about mental health and illness

Our intention is in learning from others about some of the unique challenges facing our families and communities and then strategize on how we can work together to support our families and their communities.

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